62 minutes | Apr 18, 2021

Protecting the Rights of Future Generations - Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric is a bestselling author and one of the UK’s leading philosophers, who is passionate about the power of ideas to transform society. He is a TED speaker, a founding faculty member of the School of Life, the Creator of the World’s First Empathy Museum, and a Research Fellow at the Long Now Foundation. Roman's books include: 'How to Find Fulfilling Work', 'Empathy', 'The Wonderbox' and 'Carpe Diem Regained', and have been published in more than 20 languages. In this conversation, we discuss his most recent book: ‘The Good Ancestor’, which focuses on how to think long term in a short term world. In a wide ranging discussion, we explore: - Why long term thinking may hold the key to solving large scale societal issues such as climate change - How small groups of ‘time rebels’ are slowly starting to influence culture and public policy to the protect the rights of future generations - The psychological barriers to long term thinking, and how to overcome them - Practical ways we can start widening our time horizons And a whole lot more. You can learn more about Roman’s work at www.romankrznaric.com, and follow him on Twitter @romankrznaric. Links: Get our latest psychology lectures emailed to your inbox: http://bit.ly/new-talks5​ Check out our next event: http://theweekenduniversity.com/events/​ Roman’s book: https://amzn.to/3qTv30L​ Roman’s website: www.romankrznaric.com
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