42 minutes | May 30, 2021

Healing The Shadow - Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley is a bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming & shadow integration. He was “authorised to teach” within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and has since developed a holistic approach to dream work called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep and written three books which have been translated into 13 languages. He’s spoken at Cambridge University, The Houses of Parliament, is a regular expert panellist for The Guardian and has been named one of The Next Generation of Meditation Teachers. In this session, we explore shadow work; what it is, why it’s vital for mental health and wellbeing and practical ways you can begin to integrate your shadow. If you are interested in exploring this subject further, please click the link below to learn more about Charlie's Online Course: Embracing the Shadow Online Course: http://www.charliemorley.com/embracing-the-shadow-online-course/ Get early access to our latest psychology lectures: http://bit.ly/new-talks5 This interview was recorded as part of our 2020 Holistic Change Summit, which featured sessions with 25 world leading psychologists, neuroscientists and authors, who shared their latest evidence based approaches to behaviour change. If you're interested in getting lifetime access to all 25 sessions, please click here for more info: http://bit.ly/hcs-2020
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