42 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

High Girl Summer

On this week’s show Chris and Aaron talk about: Hot Girl Summer, RIP Jambi, overrated comedies, you can hunt down the chili cheese burrito, Dave Chappelle sang Creep with the Foo Fighters, Connecticut’s governor is going to sign a bill legalizing cannabis by July 1, the NFL is looking into to research for cannabis use and pain relief, Gwenyth Paltrow is backing a cannabis tonic, Florida’s Supreme Court says no legal weed for now, a drug dealer in Brooklyn threw a bag of weed of a roof, Space Force found some coke on a beach in Florida.  Please follow us on Twitter @TheWeedsmen420, Instagram @TheWeedsmenPotcast, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheWeedsmenPotcast/ Download the rest of our shows at ChristopherMedia.net The post High Girl Summer first appeared on Christopher Media.
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