96 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

EP243: Get Started, Goal Set, Go Serve!

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On this episode of The Wednesday Call podcast, Andy Albright hits you hard with his GS3 formula for success!

Get Started: Involves finding a person who believes that they can do it ---> who is ready, willing and able.

• Ready: First, convince them that everybody deserves a shot.

• Willing: Second, probe to discover what they want.

• Able: Third, instruct them how to demonstrate their desire to achieve by participating.

Goal Set: Involves helping a person who is ready, willing and able to start making a commitment ---> by making a list, getting a license and attending convention.

• List: Do you have any friends that would be interested in this opportunity?

• License: Have you signed up to take the class

• Convention: Are you aware of the upcoming events, meetings, trainings, etc.? If so, ask if they have committed to a date on their calendar.

Go Serve: We do this by getting involved in their life once they are done with list, license and convention ---> by providing coaching in the areas of recruiting, selling and building.

• Recruit: coach others to connect by trying to "get one more."

• Sell: coach others to produce a massive income by learning to "master the mundane."

• Build: coach others to grow a massive business by being duplicatable and setting the example.






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