100 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

EP238: The Importance of The 8 Steps: Listen (Part 2)

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On this episode of The Wednesday Call, Andy Albright brings you part 2 of his take on Listening, one of his 8 Steps. Find out why he thinks listening is so important to being successful. 

3 Macro Hearing Reminders

1. Hear with the Intent to Attract (Hear in such a curious way that others seek out to speak to you because of your enthusiastic focus).

2. Hear with the Intent to Validate (Hearing requires the absence of ego. It results in a genuine desire to edify others).

3. Hear with the Intent to Understand (Do not listen with the intent to reply, but rather demonstrate an open heart and mind with the intent to empathize).

1. The Law of Attraction: What you focus on you will attract.

What are you attracting?

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." -- Proverbs 23:7

Do you seek abundance?

"Always remember, money is a servant, you are the master." --Bob Proctor

Can you see success?

"Everyone visualizes whether they know it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success." -- Rhonda Byrne

2). The Law of Validation: emotions heal best when they are first, valued (accepted) and secondly, endorsed (acknowledged).

Can you accept another's perspective without judgment?

"We cannot change anyone unless we first learn to accept them." --Carl Jung

Will you acknowledge another's identity without rejection?

"To acknowledge another's truth, you must first not reject your own." --Laurell Hamilton

3). The Law of Understanding: giving everyone the rights you claim for yourself is the true measure of empathy.

Do you consider another's thoughts before expressing your own?

"I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself must become the wounded person." --Walt Whitman

Do you recognize another's feelings before demanding to be understood?

"To perceive is to suffer." --Aristotle







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