17 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

How to Respond When Your Marketing Budget is Cut

A recent Gartner report says 66% of marketing leaders expect a decrease in their marketing budgets this year. For some, this means fewer advertising funds. For others, this means their teams are being laid off. Even if this wasn’t your decision, you still have to deal with it. So what do you do?


Of course, you already know that when you cut advertising, you lose sales momentum. As a marketing professional, this is a no-brainer. Over the last century, the data shows that in times of recession, the companies that maintain or increase their marketing and advertising are the ones who take control of their markets. You would think management would realize this, but they don’t. And if you show them the data, they’re going to say, “but our industry is different.” Sure it is.


In this episode, we show you what you need to do (as a marketing professional) to prove your value and turn the ship.


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