31 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

Do You Have To Give To Receive? Breaking down the Law of Reciprocity

In this solo episode, I am breaking down the law of reciprocity and sharing *my* personal lens on having to "give to receive". I am excited to open up this conversation to challenge a narrative that I believe breeds pressure, expectation and survival-based action. You're going to hear more about ... My take on this law & the expectation it carries to over perform, burn yourself out and earn your way to fulfilment My post from instagram  My childhood and how this pattern showed up in my early years and so much more! Check out my free Inner Nourishment Embodiment Guided Meditation to embody deeper self-love, peace and gratitude: https://autumnbensette.podia.com/inner-nourishment-guided-embodiment-meditation Upcoming + Ways to be in co-creation together with AB: One on One Mentorship (booking for July) - https://www.bossybabecoaching.com/privatecoaching The Portal of Mastery Membership Site - https://www.bossybabecoaching.com/portalofmasterymembership xxx
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