70 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Co-dependency, Secure Attachments and Liberated Living x Jamuna Rosner

Joining me in conversation is Jamuna Roser who is a Self-Love Coach, Healer and Co-dependency Expert. We dive into the deep ends of what leads us to establish co-dependent bonds and relationships to other people and things and how to find healing and secure attachments again.

In addition, you can also expect to hear us in conversation about:

  • Jauma's journey with healing a co-dependent relationship with a married man, sobriety and how it all lead to the work she is here to serve humanity with.
  • What co-dependency is and what leads to a co-dependent relationship
  • The different stages and levels of co-dependent relationships
  • How one begins to free themselves of co-dependent attachments
  • Co-dependency showing up with business and "the rules" to success, too
  • Imposter syndrome, spiritual bypassing and trauma
  • and so much more!

Meet our guest:

Jamuna Rosner is a self-love coach, healer, and codependency expert. After spending 12 years in therapy, nearly a decade of supporting other women with addiction and Codependency, and plenty of life experience she has learned a lot of powerful lessons. Two BIG lessons that lead her to become a trauma-informed coach are these: Not all support is created equal and talking about your problems over and over doesn’t heal them.

She is now living in her purpose by supporting others to let go of their wounded identities and step into their full power and potential.

Connect with Jamuna

@jamunarosner on the gram

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