37 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

Pre-Draft Mock Draft Regrets

First was Conor's mock draft, then Jenny's mock draft, and this week it's time for another annual show edition: Our mock draft regrets. (Yes, already). The lead-up to the draft is a simultaneous faucet of both information and non-information, and with days of hindsight, among the decisions Conor and Jenny are already obsessing over: +The 49ers' QB decision at No. 3. Reports say the 49ers are choosing between Mac Jones and Trey Lance. Could the Niners really still be deciding, and if they do already know who their guy will be, what are the reasons for continuing to keep this pick close to the vest?+Conor didn't mock any running backs in the first round, while Jenny regrets only allotting three first-round receivers.+The sixth QB Conor thinks could sneak into the first round, and the offensive lineman Jenny thinks will go higher than expected.Plus, a discussion of Kevin Colbert's comments that if two players are close, "we're going to take the player that played" in 2020 over the one who opted out. And make sure to check out Conor's *new* mock draft on Thursday morning.Loyal listeners, we want to keep hearing from you! Email us at weaksidepod@gmail.com or leave us a message at our brand-new voicemail line: 929-445-7349. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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