93 minutes | Sep 7, 2021

371: What do coaches do all day?

I’m thrilled to bring you this conversation with world-class coach Mike Harris! Mike is currently writing a book on the value he holds most dear, freedom. He’s a deep thinker who understands the importance of irreverence – in fact I almost called today’s episode after something Mike says in our conversation: “There is a certain irreverence in having choice.” He brings playful energy, a fascinating life journey that brought him where he is today, and at heart a vision for how we can all enjoy the pants off of our lives! Here are some other mic drops you’ll hear Mike share: “The world is skewed toward a linear expression of how things are supposed to go.” “What if play weren’t a reward in a transaction?” “What if we lived our entire lives in the value of freedom?” It’s so good! A couple notes: 1. This was originally supposed to be two episodes… I chose to keep the tape running, instead bringing you one longer one. If the ideas are flying at you fast and furious, and you need to pause and come back, I wanted to give you the choice of when and how to do that. But I bet that you, like me, will dive in and this time will go so quickly! 2. Fellow world-class coach Marilyn Dollar was planning to join us but there was a technological snafu… You’ll hear us talk about her, and while she doesn’t make it into today’s conversation she will be coming on the show. So stay tuned : ) I hope you love this conversation as much as I did! Here are the links that come up in today’s episode: Mike’s home-on-the-web, MikeFHarris.com Books that have had a huge influence on Mike: Crazy Good by Steve Chandler Tao Te Ching Books that have had a huge influence on me: The Courage to Heal The Jeeves and Wooster books by PG Woodhouse (I cite one in this conversation, The Jeeves Omnibus. But they’re all amazing) Office Space, the movie 100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late, an amazing book Cory Wong, the awesome song by Vulfpeck featuring guitarist Cory Wong Episode 363, my conversation with Washington Post Parent Columnist Meghan Leahey Episode 48, my conversation with author and poet Daniel Wolff This episode’s home on the web: weturnedoutokay.com/371 Listen to We Turned Out Okay in your favorite podcatcher! Here are a few choice spots: Apple Podcasts… http://bit.ly/WTOOApple Spotify… http://bit.ly/WTOOSpotify Stitcher Podcasts… http://bit.ly/WTOOStitcher
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