60 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

337: Addressing our own burnout, AND beloved parenting author Audrey Monke is my guest today!

As a child development expert, I want to help you keep going in our new reality! This conversation, recorded during March 2020 (in other words at the very beginning of the pandemic here in the US), I know will be super helpful for that. I am excited to bring you my conversation with the author of one of my favorite parenting books (it’s called Happy Campers) – Audrey Monke of sunshine-parenting.com is today’s OkayCon 2020 guest! Audrey shares: – How to stay positive, even while everyone is cooped up together – Some great family-focused activities you can do to make your stuck at home time more enjoyable – What lessons Audrey, her family, and counselors and campers (who attend the summer camp Audrey owns and runs) are learning from this time Learn how to keep going: In my (free) Weekly Parenting Newsletters I am taking you on my journey of recovering from burnout, exhaustion, and huge feelings of guilt. I am working to feel at peace with myself – to keep going, raising my kids, keeping our household running, and feeling happy inside – and if you want some tools to help you accomplish those miracles, click this link! Weturnedoutokay.com/weekly NPC Summer Camp registration ENDS Wednesday 7/1 One way parents have been feeling way better, recovering from exhaustion, handling their kids’ fears, clinginess, and potty training issues: the Ninja Parenting Community. Get access to everything in the community and enjoy a summer camp program created just for you, if you are looking for connection and positivity in our new reality! I am closing registration to NPC on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 PM EST – enroll today, and take that first step toward being able to feel at peace with yourself and (sustainably) keep going! Here is the link, jump in while there is still time: weturnedoutokay.com/joinNPC (go to weturnedoutokay.com/337 for notes to this episode) We will get through this together! Cheers – Karen OkayCon 2020 Free Virtual Summit Day 4: To view every OkayCon 2020 presentation click this link: weturnedoutokay.com/OkayCon2020 Also! Audrey interviewed me as part of her Facebook live series on getting through the coronavirus crisis : ) Click here to watch our conversation!   Key Links  An infectious diseases doctor shares what we need to know in the pandemic Audrey’s post on “how to have a closer family in five minutes a day” Audrey’s post “9 Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults” Audrey’s Happy Campers Book Club (in Facebook) My essay, “YouTube is a dangerous place. Here’s how to protect your child” featuring the wonderful wisdom of kids-and-media-specialist Devorah Heitner The We Turned Out Okay Facebook group – and if you are a member, this link takes you to the watch party we had for this presentation in our Facebook group (with tons of wonderful insights and links from Audrey herself : )
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