28 minutes | Jun 23, 2020

336: Listener Q&A – Sibling jealousy and Adoption

“Would you have any recommendations for books or anything that might help with learning the best ways to integrate an older adopted child into a family, or good books on adoption and advice?” “How to divide my attention between my 1 YO and my 4 YO… I try to give exclusive mummy daughter time but it’s never enough.” These are the first two questions in our Q&A series… I hope they are helpful! A Summer Camp program for you Towards the end of the episode I mention NPC Summer Camp, a new program I’m offering to help parents of young children not just get through, but live IN, summer 2020. Opening Ceremonies are this coming Friday! Spend your whole first month in my online coaching practice for parents (NPC) for FREE – exclusively for podcast listeners and folks in my email group – by clicking here (offer ends Wednesday, June 24, so enroll today!) Then you’ll be all set for summer camp! We’ll have lots of fun, keeping each other company and taking control of our family’s direction in this, a summer like no other. Camp activities are aimed at helping you enjoy family time even in this year’s difficult circumstances. Join now, spend your whole first month in NPC for free. I can’t wait to see you in our community forums! For the adoption and sibling jealousy links that come up today, click the following link: weturnedoutokay.com/336 And hang in there. We will get through this together! Key Links Enroll in the Ninja Parenting Community: use this link to join the community for free for your whole first month, and just in time for Summer Camp! Click here for Adoptive Families‘ article on how to integrate an older adopted child into your family. Click here for Adoption Circle‘s wonderful and gigantic list of books on adoption, for folks of every age from zero to adult. Click here for Siblings Without Rivalry, one of the best parenting books ever written! It’ll help you resolve those sibling jealousy issues that we discuss in today’s episode. Click here for WTOO episode 169, all about sibling jealousy and rivalry. Click here for On Mother’s Lap, a great book for helping very young children feel better about having a new baby in their lives.
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