76 minutes | Jun 16, 2020

335: Why bother

I am super excited to bring you this conversation with Jennifer Louden, whose extremely helpful books (including the one we dive into today, Why Bother?), have sold nearly a million copies! Jennifer has been featured in hundreds of podcasts, magazines, and TV and radio shows – even appearing on Oprah. In today’s conversation you will learn: – How to really give a hoot about your life again – Why it’s crucial to LIVE in tough times, instead of just trying to live through them – Appropriate discipline for when your child gets into mischief (specifically writing on walls with magic marker, but what we discuss applies to whenever a kid gets into trouble) Go to jenniferlouden.com for answers to this question, posed there: “How do you bother after heartbreak, after creative and career defeats, after loss, after sidelining your dreams to pay off the debt, raise kids, or take care of aging parents?” But first, listen to our conversation! Need something positive in your life this summer? I’m excited to share a new program I’m offering: we are having summer camp in the Ninja Parenting Community! In addition to the courses, challenges, and other great stuff to keep you sane while raising your little kids, NPC Summer Camp includes: – Weekly camp activities that help you be a better parent, like making a vision board, or a “house rules” sign, or a treasure hunt to take kiddos on, or a “no occasion needed” fun family surprise – Supportive and fun Members-Only Campfire Nights – The sense of belonging to a community of people who get it, and who are along on this parenting journey with you NPC Summer Camp dates: Friday, June 26-Friday, August 7, 2020. Enroll now to enjoy family life this summer! Click here to join NPC! (NPC Summer Camp begins Friday, June 26, so jump in now!) Can’t wait to see you at summer camp! Click here to see this post in your browser : )
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