65 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Yes, the United States Congress can agree on things: F**K CHINA!, Why Spiders in Space are more logical and less error-prone than Women in Space, How Frank Lowy and a guard rail at the Grampians are connected, the Hot Clobber is Back just in time for the Holidays, From Darkness to Dawn: Preview of Aussie writing/directing/acting Legend Tony Bonner Xmas interview, Why “THE WAY IT IS” is a 2020 thing…

Everything is just fine with Episode XXXIV (39) as we head (gasp) into the home stretch of THE WAY IT IS.   Yes, it’s a ‘2020 thing’ and you’ll learn more about that soon.  Who says the US political system is broken?  Well, everyone, and I can tell you that.  However, a BIG win that the moronic Main Stream Media never covered and never will.  They’re too busy influencing elections.  And of course…the problem is China and big businesses profiting from slave labour.  2020 has been a death knell for many things and many people, but it’s also been a rebirth of sorts for other industries. How your downtown / CBD will change forever.  Spiders are pretty smart…space is very treacherous….why spiders function better in space than female astronauts or physicists.  Jewish businessman/philanthropist/pioneer/Billionaire Frank Lowy spent almost 80 years searching for his father after he disappeared in the Nazi occupation of Hungary.  His search in late life and battle to save his ailing wife shows money can’t buy everything, and the beauty and terror are chronicled in a wondrous documentary.  Speaking of loss…when you’re hiking in the Grampians in Victoria, it’s important to read the signs on the guardrails.  God can be very unforgiving at times.  WYPIW is back and my shoes are going to the America’s Cup once again.  Now that Hanukkah (Channukah) has concluded,  I preview next week’s mega Christmas Special Podcast with a wonderful Tony Bonner interview, as he talks about beating the devils and always going towards the light. #jeffjacoby #nadialeeCohen #paulaCushing #UniversityofBasel #scienceDaily #scienceBitches #USAelections #UnitedStatesCongress #UigherMuslims #ChinaSlavery #spiders #FrankLowy #westfield #tonyBonner #Christmas #hanukkah #CatherineWheel #AlexanderMcqueen #Prada #AmericasCup
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