80 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

“C’mon man!” We’re still counting in the USA, Your First Job is Your Most Defining Job (time travel with me to Sioux City, Iowa in 1967), The Martin Bryant Film Is Not Making People Happy (and should we care?), Never Trust a Rumanian or Communist China, the FBI listens to this Podcast and the Hollywood Con Queen gets nabbed as a result! Why You Shouldn’t Read Peter Carey or the NY Slimes, How Melbourne Forgot How to Drive, Sarai in paradiso con l’episodio trentasette, the new WuFlu that’s Fashion Hotness for you, I Discovered A Sweet & Tasty Reason for You To Grab Your Passport and Go To Spotswood…

You’ll be in Heaven with Episode XXXVII (Sarai in paradiso con l’episodio trentasette)!   We’d have something definitive about the US Election but like in Rumania, “vee are shtill vating for da count’.   You know Mars is taking over when profound enmity and patience go head-to-head with a lunar and solar eclipse in the same month.  Space-time continuum quark physics time travel is my thing, like all creatives, and we go linear back to Sportsman’s Camera in Sioux City, Iowa circa 1967 where my creative career began part-time after Junior High School, and I explain why today’s Snowflakes never had a proper job to jumpstart their lives and proper pronouns.  Science Bitches! (R) goes to Rumania and Utah.  I’m not sure there’s a difference—to find the 2001 Monolith.  It’s a Tale of Two Cities and Tale of Two Directors as MANK and HILLBILLY ELEGY go head to head.  The WuFlu may have blew through here but there’s a new Twin Towers WuFlu Fashion Dynasty straight outta Oz, and I’m onto it.  It’s Bake Time again but we didn’t do it at home… we went to (gasp!) Spotswood and there’s a bunch of reasons to grab your passport and fill up the tank and drive there. #IF.com.au #jackieKeast #WuFlu #Incu #AnthonyLaPaglia #EssieDavid #JustinKurzel #ShaunGrant #ScottJohnson #THR #VARIETY #OwenGleiberman #RonHoward #DavidFincher #Mank #GaryOldman #HillbillyElegy #JDVance #Chanel #Zimmermann #VivienneWestwood #JacqueMarieMage #OPSF #AllegroBrighton MANK with Gary Oldman HILLBILLY ELEGY RUMANIAN AND UTAH MONOLITHS OFFICIAL FAMILY BREWERY OF THE DRUNK ENGLISH POPE INCU STORE WU BROTHERS, Founders of INCU A REASON TO GO TO SPOTSWOOD: A BUNCH OF CAKES SIOUX CITY, IOWA c1960 Top: INCU   Necklace: VIVIENNE WESTWOOD  Ring: CHANEL  Watch: IWC
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