61 minutes | Oct 24th 2019

Bless This Mess

On this week’s episode of the Waves, Christina, Marcia, and June dive into the tension between love and politics in light of a recent piece on Democratic women married to MAGA-loving men. Then, they talk about the implications of framing abortion as “safe, legal, and rare,” as Tulsi Gabbard did in the most recent Democratic presidential debate. Finally, the panel considers the lonely social media “It Girl.” Are influencers’ “getting real” posts truly authentic? 

In Slate Plus: Was it sexist for Joe Biden to tell Elizabeth Warren at the most recent Democratic debate “I got you votes,” regarding her creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? 

Other items discussed on the show:


June: Jamie Barton’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

Christina: Tegan and Sara’s memoir High School and album, Hey, I’m Just Like You

Marcia: The podcast Call Your Girlfriend as well as its upcoming live show on Saturday, Oct. 26 in Washington.

This podcast was produced by Sara Burningham. Production assistance by Rachael Allen and Rosemary Belson. 

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