29 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

#9 Mental Health Part 1 - Losing a Loved one to Suicide

This episode is a little different. It was supposed to be on habit 5, mental health but as I recorded it, I decided I needed to give some personal context and tell about a loss I suffered a long time ago. If discussions of suicide are triggering for you, feel free and skip this but if you want to learn more and how to help those in a similar position, Feel free and listen. We will get back to habit 5 in the next episode. C25k - Week 7Healthy Habit 5 / (Part 1)Personal Context (Link) My Support Group (Link)Additional Resources How to talk to a suicide loss survivor (Link) Best and Worst things to say to a person that is dealing with grief and loss of a loved one. (Link) My Friend talks about her loss and how her art is helping others heal and become aware. (Link) If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, the Lifeline is here to help: call 1–800–273–8255If you are experiencing any other type of crisis, consider chatting confidentially with a volunteer trained in crisis intervention at www.imalive.org, or anonymously with a trained active listener from 7 Cups of Tea.Note : The next episode will go live on Aug 2nd. I am taking a week off for vacation :)
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