30 minutes | Sep 5, 2019

#13 90 Days to a Healthier You

In this episode we will explore the upcoming FMLS90 day fitness challenge I am sponsoring. Some of the topics will explore include: Goal Setting & Accountability Preparing for SuccessExerciseMaintaining a positive OutlookHealthy EatingGratitudeMental HealthSelf Love and Health RelationshipsSleepCelebrating Success and Planning for 2020I will provide a guidance and recommendations on how the challenge works, but you will decide how you apply your own fitness goals to it. There will be a drawing for prizes for people that successfully complete the full 90 day program. Additional Info:Tumblr Blog for the FMLS90 Challenge  (Link) The Warrior Inside Website. (Link) We also will be covering:MailbagJoint pain in a bigger athlete (Link) Building Self Discipline (Link)Is HR training working for you? (Link) John's JourneySeptember Goals (Link)Bariatric Habits (Link)
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