78 minutes | May 9, 2020

S2E6 - "Mashup Showcase"

[ SPECIAL ] Welcome back to another episode of the Warehouse Podcast. Todays mix will be a mashup showcase, playing all original mashups that I’ve made over the years, with the oldest one dating back to 2015. We got a little bit of everything in this mix: house, hip hop, top 40 and dubstep and if you listen to the kind of genre of music is playing at any point in this mix you could probably take a wild guess as to what year I made it. DJs, hit me up if you need and DLs. Enjoy! Tracklist: The Weeknd’s Dragon (2015) [The Weeknd vs Martin Garrix vs David Guetta] Snakebumps (2017) [Travis Scott vs Sikdope] This Is What You SIAWed For (2017) [Rihanna & Calvin Harris vs Tchami] Post Adrenaline (2017) [Post Malone vs Zedd] Born To Die In Your Legacy (2018) [Lana Del Ray vs Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman] SWAYYY (2017) [Michael Buble vs Cat Dealers] Dysfunctional Disco (2019) [Proud Family vs James Lock vs Kramer] 01 KAWHI (2019) [Kawhi Leonard vs Enrico Sangiuliano] The Box Witch Doctor (2020) [Roddy Rich vs Peekaboo, G-Rex, ATLiens] The Eye of the Bangarang (2020) [Survivor vs Skrillex] The Devils Jumps & Sweats (2020) [Garmiani vs Skrillex] Naked Mole Rat Dubstep (2020) [Kim Possible vs Gerruzz] IDGAF About Purple Gushers (2017) [Big Sean vs REZZ] Nuclear Headstone (2020) [Flatbush Zombies vs 13] Next Episode vs Mind Tricks (2020) [Snoop Dogg vs Bassnectar & G-Jones] The Annual Purge (2018) [The Purge vs Digital Ethos] Dub Me To The Space Cruise (2020) [Frank Sinatra vs MeSo, Space Wizard] All I See is the Blacklist (2020) [Rose vs MeSo] Talking Time (2016) [Tove Lo vs StadiumX & Dzasko x Drevm & Blvckside] Lights Rise (2020) [Rihanna vs Svdden Death, MVRRILL] 3 Down Low (2020) [Britney Spears vs TYNAN, G-Rex] Mo Bomba BTFU (2019) [Sheck Wes vs Peekaboo] London Limit (2020) [Fergie vs Noisia] Longest 2047 Years (2020) [Billy Joel vs SupeAve.] --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewarehouse/support
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