12 minutes | May 14th 2020

COVID-19: How to Find a Job in These Tough Times | Ep. 027

Based on my personal discussions with WDC region business owners, I will provide some insight on which industries are hiring now and three things you can do right now to secure positions within these industries.   Industries that are hiring right now:    Grocery stores, drug stores, banks, e-commerce, medical, pharmaceutical, insurance brokerage, and remote work technologies.   Rob's 3 tips to get hired in this market: 1. Join relevant regional trade organizations and networking groups. 2. Master your social media profiles and LinkedIn. 3. Hone your video conferencing skills.   My job every episode is to break down and deconstruct the "War on Talent" in 15 minutes or less so that YOU can win this battle through a greater understanding of how clients, candidates, and recruiters work together. 
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