79 minutes | May 20, 2018

My Parents on Promises of Tomorrow

This is a special episode for me because I’m featuring a conversation with my parents, Ted and Carla. We recorded our conversation in Nashville over Easter weekend this past April. We talk about the hardships they faced growing up and how that has made them more compassionate towards each other. I wanted to know what it’s like to wait with your child to accomplish a dream or when they’re enduring pain as well as waiting for your child to find his or her calling or re-directing their path. Our conversation felt a little bit like family therapy in a good way. This episode opened dialogue to things I hadn’t known about my parents and I enjoyed giving them the opportunity to voice their thoughts on unpredictable blessings they’ve discovered along the way. And if you have the opportunity to sit down with your parents and give them floor to tell their stories, recorded or not recorded, I’d highly recommend it. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewaitingroomseries/support
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