54 minutes | Jun 3, 2018

Lindsay Gum on Personality Tests

This episode features my friend, co-worker and long lost twin, Lindsay Gum. We met while working together at NSAI four years ago when I assisted her with planning a songwriters festival known as Tin Pan South. Lindsay respects a good football game, a properly made grilled cheese, and throwback boy band hits, (we may or may not have blared One Direction on a car ride down I40 at some point in our friendship). 2017 was a growth period for the both of us, and I can vividly remember talking over beers at Melrose about the frustration in not understanding God’s yet to be revealed plan. We both approach and cope with situations in a similar fashion and I’ve found comfort in getting to know Lindsay and learning from her perspective on waiting. Fast forward to today we still work together in the music industry and I’m so happy to call her both a friend in the office and on the weekend. Last summer we hung out in her living room and talked about resisting comparison and following gut instincts. The area of waiting we focus on revolves around dating relationships and what it means to never second guess what you want despite others’ opinions or approach to relationships. Giving ourselves grace is easier said than done and I think it’s so important to surround yourself with those who challenge you to be better and can relate to your story in one aspect or another.Lindsay is one of those friends for me. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewaitingroomseries/support
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