74 minutes | Jun 17, 2018

Elvis Day (Part 2): with The Millers

Welcome to Part 2 of “The Waiting Room” with Lee and Jana Miller. You can catch up on their story regarding the topics of marriage and career in Part 1, released in E06. In light of Father’s Day I thought it’d only be right to save this segment of our conversation for today. Starting a family didn’t come easy for Lee and Jana Miller. In this episode we reflect on the pain, joy and every emotion in between that waiting brought them in this particular process. Sometimes God grants our desires in ways we didn’t expect and the outcomes become blessings with more of an impact than if things had fallen into place as we originally planned. It was so surreal to hear them talk about the series of events and timing that brought them four children - three adopted and one biological. We recorded this interview a year ago today on Father’s Day 2017 and I’m thrilled to share it with you this morning. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewaitingroomseries/support
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