25 minutes | Dec 11th 2018

The Vue Podcast: Leaders In Retail | Ravi Raj & Julia Dietmar | Episode 4

This retail podcast focuses on a topic that’s been trending for quite a while now - and that’s conversational technology. Most of us have heard about and experienced chatbots, Alexa, Google Home and waiting for a wider release of Google Duplex - Google’s newest human-sounding assistant. Brands and Retailers are exploring how conversational technology applies to their business and the ways it could positively affect their bottom line. From conversational marketing to conversational commerce and customer support, what are the most effective ways businesses can utilize chatbots and voice interfaces? To discuss this topic in-depth with us, we have Ravi Raj, Co-Founder and CEO of Passage AI, a natural language understanding and processing platform that can be used to create deep conversational interfaces for any website or business. With over 20 years of experience in product development, Ravi has led teams at Yahoo, Kosmix, WalmartLabs and Bloomreach before he founded Passage AI. Listen to this episode to learn all about the future of conversational commerce through exclusive insights from leaders in the retail and technology space! Here’s the transcript, to make your experience easier: https://vue.ai/blog/podcast/the-vue-podcast-leaders-in-retail-ravi-n-raj/