34 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

The Vue Podcast: Leaders in Retail | Dounia Wone | Episode 26

Sustainability as a concept today is on its way to becoming completely mainstream. There's been a massive push, especially in fashion, to create sustainable, planet-friendly products that can outperform their fast fashion counterparts. It now forms the very core of many business models around the world. One such retail business is Vestiaire Collective. Based in the UK, they are one of the leading global marketplaces for pre-loved fashion. The platform is dedicated to transforming the fashion industry for a more sustainable future by promoting the circular fashion movement as an alternative to overconsumption and the wasteful practices of the fast fashion industry. Meet Dounia Wone, the Chief Sustainability and Inclusion Officer at Vestiaire Collective. In this episode, she shares fascinating insights about the brand's vision, why sustainability is a non-negotiable and how they are changing shopping mindsets to being thrift and second-hand first and so much more! Tune into this video podcast and listen to her talk about: - Vestiaire Collective’s vision for sustainability and their approach to it - The brand’s circular and sustainable business model initiatives - The role of partnerships in promoting the concept of sustainability - The new generation of sustainable shoppers - How Vestiaire Collective and inclusivity go hand in hand - The present state of the circular economy and what the future holds in store
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