34 minutes | Sep 23rd 2018

The Vue Podcast: Leaders In Retail | Ashwini Asokan & Julia Dietmar | Episode 1

We're so excited to launch The Vue Podcast: our FIRST ever podcast series on Leaders in Retail. There's SO much going on in retail right now. Consumption patterns of shoppers are evolving so fast that brands need to be agile to be successful. The retail value chain involves a series of changemakers coming together to enable businesses to sell their products to customers. But who’s responsible for designing these retail experiences? We’re bringing you the answer in this retail podcast!! Our podcast features the true champions of retail - We're interviewing CEOs, CTOs, Investors, heads of product, heads of innovation, merchandisers, buyers and all the other people that are shaping up this billion dollar industry. Our first podcast is an interview with Ashwini Asokan and Julia Dietmar, the CEO/Founder and Chief Product Officer at Vue.ai. Vue.Ai is the retail industry's leading artificial intelligence platform - we provide holistic retail solutions using image recognition and computer vision. The conversation highlights the state of the retail industry today, the potential for personalisation on scale, AI's role in the future of retail, deep-rooted process and operational inefficiensies within companies and how AI can change the way brands operate! We're featuring some amazing change makers from Zilingo, Tata Cliq, Nasty Gal and Mercado Libre in this series. Join us to understand how these decision makers are influencing worldwide fashion retail! Stay tuned to this space for our next episode. Here’s the transcript, to make your experience easier: https://vue.ai/blog/podcast/the-vue-podcast-leaders-in-retail-episode-1/