34 minutes | May 2nd 2017

Ep. 15 - Sean Hagey, Part 2: Mental Health Matters Series

This is the second episode of our Mental Health Matters series with Sean Hagey. If you haven't listened to the first episode, then check it out. Sean approached the Voice of the Patient with the idea for this series and has asked that we help to eradicate mental health stigma. We believe that the stigma cannot be erased without gaining a level of comfort with our own personal discomfort. Sean wants to tell his story, and he wants us to ask all of the necessary questions to bring understanding of patients with mental illness or symptoms of mental illness. Sean Hagey is a home health physical therapist assistant in Kansas City, MO, and is the creator of GetPT1st. He recently started a new advocacy program for mental health, Mental Health Matters, which you can follow on Twitter @HopeForMH. You can follow Sean on Twitter @SeanHagey. Sean has also written several powerful articles on The Mighty. In this episode, Sean talks about his treatment, coping mechanisms, and successes during his life. Check back next week for the third episode in the Mental Health Matters series. In the third episode, Sean talks about the interplay between mental health and his relationships with friends and family. If you have a story to tell as a patient, provider, or both, then contact Zach Stearns on Twitter @zachrstearns or Dave Reed @DReedPT. Please note that nothing in this episode or any episode of the Voice of the Patient podcast should be considered medical advice. ---------- *Find more helpful podcasts & blog posts at http://TheVoiceOfThePatient.org *Check out the other podcasts in the Senior Rehab Project at http://SeniorRehabProject.com
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