78 minutes | Jul 9th 2020

Don’t call them ‘villages’, they are ‘military targets’: The Korean War as a Case Study on Ignorance, Forgetfulness and the Politics of Truth (Master Class #3 with Charles Hanley)

In this 4th installment of our series commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, we explore the philosophical dimensions of the conflict. "Epistemology" is the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of Knowledge. It asks, 'what are the conditions of Knowledge?' and 'how do we know when we know something?' The description of the Korean War as a "Forgotten War", and the fact that specific stories connected to the war have been deliberately "hidden" from public consciousness, are invitations to more deeply examine the epistemology of this important conflict. In this show, we explore the lessons that the Korean War teaches us about both truth and ignorance. Special guest Charles Hanley, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and author of the forthcoming book Ghost Flames (Public Affairs, 2000), joins us.

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