29 minutes | May 25, 2021

Developing a Growth Marketing Strategy with Dev Basu

"It's actually easy to be cheap and it's easy to be a generalist. It's relatively hard to be narrow because you have to take that leap of faith and suspend your disbelief that you'll be pigeonholed into only working with a specific kind of client or selling a specific kind of product" - Dev BasuThe finer details of this episode What is Powered by Search? How does it help businesses and agencies?Why is narrowing your niche an important first step?Common mistakes business/agencies makeHow positioning affects pricing and perceived valueEpisode resourcesSummit CPA website - www.summitcpa.netEmail us with questions - vcfo@summitcpa.net Tweet Dev - www.twitter.com/devbasuPowered by Search - www.poweredbysearch.com 
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