32 minutes | Apr 13th 2019

Optimize Your Protein Intake to Build Muscle with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine provider and expert in muscle-centric medicine. She joins JJ in today's podcast episode to talk about a topic that everyone is curious about: how to optimize your protein intake to build muscle! Listen as Dr. Lyon explains the vital roles of muscle in your body and the importance of protein, as well as the best types of exercise, for maintaining and building muscle mass. Dr. Lyon also shares how to figure out how much protein you need and the top sources of protein, including the differences in quality between plant and animal protein. Plus, find out the truth behind common myths about protein and your health!


Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

  1. Muscle is the largest organ in your body. Not only is muscle key for movement, it's also an endocrine organ that secretes anti-inflammatory chemicals and it plays a crucial role in your metabolism.
  2. The quality of protein is determined by branched-chain amino acids. Branched-chain amino acids are necessary to feed the muscle and they're especially important as you age.
  3. Dr. Lyon busts the myth that protein is bad for your bones. In fact, individuals who consumed higher amounts of protein throughout their lives had the highest bone density.


Episode Play-By-Play

[1:55] Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s career briefing

[3:08] Listener shout-out

[5:16] How Dr. Lyon became interested in muscle-centric medicine

[6:20] Why is muscle so important?

[7:20] Muscle is responsible for your metabolism.

[8:15] The more muscle you have, the better you age.

[8:45] Muscle can be stimulated through dietary protein intake and resistance exercise.

[9:26] Why dietary protein is the black sheep of the macronutrient family 

[11:48] Why is protein important for your muscles?

[12:35] Differences in quality between plant and animal protein

[13:30] Branched-chain amino acids are especially important as you age.

[14:47] How to figure out how much protein you need

[16:01] Why folks tend to lose muscle as they age and what to do about it

[18:05] How much protein you should be eating per meal

[20:16] The many amazing jobs of protein

[20:44] Busting the myth that protein is bad for your bones and kidneys

[21:54] More myth busting: protein and cancer

[22:55] The best type of exercise for maintaining and building muscle mass

[24:44] Why you should consume a protein-containing meal after weight lifting

[25:20] The Lyon Protocol helps you know exactly how to plan and meet your protein needs.

[26:52] Your breakfast sets the pace for your entire day! That’s why JJ created the All-in-One Protein Shakes.

[27:55] Listener’s question: What does JJ eat for protein?


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