41 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

Courteney Cox

In the sixth episode of The Vinyl Supper, Foy catches up with his old friend Courteney Cox. The two haven’t seen each other since quarantine began, so they have plenty to talk about, and it’s a pleasure to be let in on their conversation. We hear how the two have handled life in quarantine, from playing pool to dealing with COVID first hand.

Courteney shares how quarantine has made her reevaluate her possessions, and shares her three favorite pastas—that she never eats otherwise. (Find out why!) We get the deets on her favorite project since Friends, and how her and Foy have dealt with the loss of routine that quarantine has entailed. The two share which celebs make them starstruck, and we finally get that recipe for redneck sushi!

This episode was recorded in August 2020. Visit TheVinylSupper.com for more information on this podcast and video series.

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