45 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Chrissy Metz

In the fourth episode of The Vinyl Supper, guest Chrissy Metz opens with a bang, asking Foy: “Is that your real name?” (It is.) And from that, the two are chatting like old friends. The star of This is Us and Breakthrough gets deep with Foy over the danger of ‘shoulda coulda woulda’s’ and finding God within music. She talks working with Mandy Moore and how the show helped her get started in music: “If my character does it, why can’t I?”

Chrissy calls music her first love, and Foy gets at the heartwarming story of how she made that love into a dream come true. Before quarantine, Chrissy was real busy: performing “I’m Standing with You” at the Oscars, and she recently co-wrote her newest song “Actress” with Nicolette Hayford, Matt McGinn, and Nathan Spicer.

From quarantine in Nashville, Chrissy is now writing and recording her debut country music album. In the meantime, follow up with Chrissy by reading her memoir This Is Me, which debuted on the NYT bestseller list at #1, or watch out every month for her Chrissy’s Most Loved Picks in conjunction with Walmart.

This episode was recorded in July 2020. Visit TheVinylSupper.com for more information on this podcast and video series.

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