5 minutes | May 8th 2019

Robin hurt my Feelings- Adult Emergency

Welcome to the View from the Top podcast, Season 2.  Up next you can hear Aaron Walker’s Adult Emergency: He needs help because Robyn hurt his feelings! We hope you enjoy the podcast. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at viewfromthetop.com.   The Story If you’ve been married for some time, are you laughing like you used to? Is the same sense of intimacy there?  Does your heart skip a beat when your wife walks in the door because you are so excited to see her? If not, why not?  What’s going on? “I know for me whenever there are relational issues in my marriage I don’t have to look much further then myself to find a culprit. It’s not about who is to blame, but I need to own when I screw up.  My worst sin is getting so engrossed in my work I spend all my energy at work and leave little for my family when I get home.” - Danny Bauer Adult Emergency Aaron talks about a time when Robin hurt his feelings by telling him that they don’t laugh like they used too.  When Aaron and Robin have disagreements, they don’t holler and yell or scream and fight, they sit down and talk through it.  Aaron wanted to defend himself but realized what Robin said was the truth. “We don’t laugh anymore because I’m a knucklehead, because I get so focused on what I am doing and I’m so intense about what I’m doing and I get laser focused.  I forget to laugh sometimes.” - Aaron Walker   The Challenge Aaron admits that he is guilty of forgetting to laugh sometimes.  He forgets to relax and have fun and let his guard down because he is so busy trying to make money and build the community and create his best life.  Aaron wants to challenge and encourage you today to go home, get your spouse, go out, have fun and laugh. It’s worth it. “But what is the point in all that if we forget to laugh?” - Aaron Walker   Summary Sometimes that’s all we need to wake the heck up! “It was a small point in the story, but I highly recommend that you put artifacts around your house that illustrate and symbolize your ideal relationship and life to the fullest.  We need reminders of our why.” - Danny Bauer At VFTT we help men live a life of success and significance.  If your priorities are out of whack or if you’re not laughing like you used to with your wife, we can help. If you could use some help getting your priorities in order, I want to welcome you to Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind. You can read all about it and fill out an application at viewfromthetop.com In ISI we help men live lives of success and significance.   Join Iron Sharpens Iron Apply here to join Aaron’s exclusive Iron Sharpen Iron Mastermind. You’re just one click away from living a life of success and significance. Thanks for listening to today’s View from the Top podcast. To make sure you don’t miss any of our episodes click subscribe right now and if you enjoyed what you heard today please tell a friend and share on social media. Learn how to live a life of success and significance at viewfromthetop.com   Resources: Deep Work by Cal Newport Connect with Aaron Website | Twitter | FB | LinkedIn | Instagram | Email Check out Aaron Walker’s daily podcast, The Mastermind Blueprint available on your Amazon Echo or iTunes.   Copyright © 2019 View from the Top
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