10 minutes | Apr 24th 2019

I'm in Financial Trouble and See No Way Out

Welcome to the View from the Top podcast, Season 2.  In today’s show Aaron Walker discusses financial trouble and what he did and what you can do too in order to get out of it. We hope you enjoy the podcast. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at viewfromthetop.com.   Stress and Financial Trouble Aaron shares a story about a father who comes home late from work and he apologizes for being late.  He’s not giving attention to his kids or his wife due to the amount of work he needs to do. He is thinking this because of the bills he needs to pay and thinking that if he works harder he can get out of this vicious cycle. “I was sitting at our kitchen table paying our bills, we didn’t have any children yet and literally started crying.  Robin asked what was wrong and I told her we can’t pay our bills, we don’t have enough money to pay our bills.” - Aaron Walker   What Do You Do? When your business is doing well and making money, you start to think that you can handle everything until the business slows down and you can’t.  Aaron and his wife took all of their credit cards that they were using and put them in an envelope, sealed it and took it to the bank and they have been there for over 30 years unopened.  Best decision the Walker’s ever made. “You always default back to the path of least resistance.” - Aaron Walker   Over-Extended, Lack of Priorities Sometimes we find ourselves over-extended and our priorities are all messed up.  According to Big A this leads to a vicious cycle of catching up and deciding to pay this or that.  In his younger years there were times when Big A put money in front of his family and that caused incredible stress on him.   That’s reactive living. That’s living outside of your means. Big A got rid of his credit cards, started living within his means, delayed gratification, and began to be proactive with his finances.   Since then, he’s been able to be much more present and connected with his family. In short, he has his priorities in order. “It will allow you to be more present with your family at home.  You won’t feel the need to do one more email, one more client, I just have to close this deal so I can make that payment.  Be proactive not reactive. Build some boundaries today and take your life to the next level.” - Aaron Walker If you could use some help getting your priorities in order, I want to welcome you to Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind. You can read all about it and fill out an application at viewfromthetop.com In ISI we help men live lives of success and significance.   Join Iron Sharpens Iron Apply here to join Aaron’s exclusive Iron Sharpen Iron Mastermind. You’re just one click away from living a life of success and significance. Thanks for listening to today’s View from the Top podcast. To make sure you don’t miss any of our episodes click subscribe right now and if you enjoyed what you heard today please tell a friend and share on social media. Learn how to live a life of success and significance at viewfromthetop.com   Connect with Aaron Website | Twitter | FB | LinkedIn | Instagram | Email Check out Aaron Walker’s daily podcast, The Mastermind Blueprint available on your Amazon Echo or iTunes.   Copyright © 2019 View from the Top
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