8 minutes | Jul 17th 2019

Don't Forget to Laugh

Welcome to the View from the Top podcast, Season 2.   In this inspirational episode, Aaron shares the power of enjoying the moment. Specifically, laughing. Aaron reminds us that life isn’t all about making money, moving up the corporate ladder, and paying off debt. Life is also about enjoying the laughs we have along the way.    What’s Covered in this Episode Why the really important thing in life is not what you think Why reflection is good, but regret is horrible for moving forward in life How being big in relationships matters more than having a big bank account (A lesson from Aaron’s Dad)   Key Quote to Think About  “Life is more than what your bank account shows.’   Key Questions to Think About Did you laugh today? What’s one regret that you have not forgiven yourself for? How is that impacting you today? If today was your funeral, what would the 5 closest people to you say about you?   Resources to Check Out View from the Top: Don’t Forget to Laugh We hope you enjoy the podcast. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at viewfromthetop.com.    Join Iron Sharpens Iron Apply here to join Aaron’s exclusive Iron Sharpen Iron Mastermind. You’re just one click away from living a life of success and significance. Thanks for listening to today’s View from the Top podcast. To make sure you don’t miss any of our episodes click subscribe right now and if you enjoyed what you heard today please tell a friend and share on social media. Learn how to live a life of success and significance at viewfromthetop.com   Connect with Aaron Website | Twitter | FB | LinkedIn | Instagram | Email Check out Aaron Walker’s daily podcast, The Mastermind Blueprint available on your Amazon Echo or iTunes. Copyright © 2019 View from the Top
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