66 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Honoring Women’s History Month: Military Women’s Memorial and First Woman VFW Department Commander, Idaho

Women were not legally permitted to be part of the military until the creation of the Army Nurse Corps in 1901. Since that time, women have been granted the right to vote and the right to serve in combat units. Today, women hold positions of rank, are decorated veterans, and continue to break glass ceilings. During this episode of The VFW Podcast, Host Rob Couture speaks with the newly appointed Press Secretary and Official Spokesperson for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) and former host of this podcast, Terrence Hayes about current initiatives and directives of the VA. In honor of Women’s History month, Rob speaks with the President of the Military Women’s Memorial in DC, Phyllis Wilson about HERstory, the facility, and upcoming events and exhibits. And, Melanie Foster describes her duties and goals as the first woman VFW Department Commander of Idaho.   Press Secretary and Official Spokesperson for Department of Veterans Affairs, Terrence Hayes —   Congratulations to Terrance for being newly appointed as Press Secretary for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. [3:23]   Initiatives and directives of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for 2021. [7:42]   Terrence received his COVID-19 vaccine and why you should too. [10:15]   President of Military Women’s Memorial, Phyllis Wilson   Phyllis stepped into her new role as President of the Military Women’s Memorial just before the onset of the pandemic. [18:10]   The Military Women’s Memorial is an architectural marvel and the gateway to Arlington Cemetery. [20:31]   Phyllis shares her journey as a proud woman in the military before women were widely accepted in combat units. [23:23]   The Color of Freedom exhibit and upcoming events at the Military Women’s Memorial [34:50]   Recapping the amazing accomplishments of women in the military. [42:47]   VFW Commander, Department of Idaho, Melanie Foster —   Melanie describes her position, her community, and her service in Iraq. [47:44]   In the process of being medically discharged, Melanie wanted to deploy for a second tour in Iraq. [50:51]   From her article in VFW magazine, Melanie recalls her harrowing, decades-long, medical journey. [52:51]   As the first woman Department Commander in Idaho, Melanie takes every opportunity to educate the community about female veterans. [56:59]   For more information or continue the conversation, please visit: Veterans of Foreign Wars Website VFW Podcast Page @VFWHQ on Twitter VFW on Facebook VFW Unmet Needs Program Call 1-888-JOIN-VFW Text “NEEDS” to 20222 to donate to the Unmet Needs Program Women’s Memorial Website Today’s VFW — Share Your #StillServing Story  
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