37 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

020 Re Perez: Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You're Not)

In this Episode, Denise and Re Discuss: Why your brand should be gay (even if you’re not). Why branding should matter to a busy entrepreneur. What are the biggest branding mistakes entrepreneurs make in their business. Examples of “experiential” branding. How can an entrepreneur determine how they make their customers “feel.” Key Takeaways: The perception that people have of your brand will dictate how much they are willing to spend for your product and services. Branding starts with first determining who your target audience is. The #1 criteria for a company name is memorability. There are three different components that make up a brand: Visual / Verbal / Experiential. AKA How you look. What you say. How you behave. Ask people what the top things that are most important when they come to a website, and how well your website performs against those things. “You don’t actually own your brand. It resides in people’s minds.” - Re Perez About Re Perez: Re Perez is a seasoned Brand Consultant, with a Fortune 500 background at top global brand consultancies including Interbrand and Siegel+Gale. Since 2011, his agency BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, has delivered Fortune 500-level branding to thousands of entrepreneurs across 45+ different industries around the world—from start-ups, Inc. 500 fastest growing companies, and established multi million-dollar businesses. He has a proven track record for helping his clients double, triple and quadruple their business. Connect with Re: Re’s new book: https://yourbrandshouldbegay.com/ Branding For the People free resources: https://brandingforthepeople.com/resources/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/re-perez-branding/ The music website to keep focus recommended by Re: https://www.brain.fm/ Connect with The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell: Website:  VacationEffect.com Show:  The Vacation Effect Podcast Book:  The Vacation Effect Book Email:  Info@VacationEffect.com Facebook: The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell LinkedIn: The Vacation Effect, Inc. and Denise Gosnell
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