47 minutes | Mar 8th 2020

013 Carrie Gunderson: Relationship and Parenting Hacks

In this Episode, Denise and Carrie Discuss: How to create quality of life when married to a hard charging entrepreneur. Why it’s important (and incredibly effective) to have a weekly couples’ meeting and use a meeting agenda like you would do for any important business meeting. Being an excellent parent even as a busy entrepreneur (or spouse of one.) The importance of having a family vision and having one spouse being responsible for holding that vision for the family. How to spend quality time with your family and leave your work at the office. Key Takeaways: You should have a weekly meeting with your spouse and cover important communication items (like travel schedule, “honey-do list”, how to best support the kids’ activities that week, and more.) Have regular date nights with your spouse like when you were first dating. Involve your children in the weekly meetings. Rate each other in each weekly meeting on how you are doing as a spouse and how you are doing as a parent. It can help keep each other accountable to putting the family as a priority. To download the videos and sample meeting agenda discussed in the interview, please visit: www.wealthfactory.com/marriage “Our vision for our home, is more important than the vision for the company.” - Carrie Gunderson   About Carrie Gunderson: Carrie Gunderson is an extraordinary mother and wife (of serial entrepreneur Garrett Gunderson). She has dedicated her life to adding value and love to those she comes in contact with. She is passionate about health and heath freedom.   As a fact finder by nature, she has rigorously researched health and nutrition, through books, interviews, scouring the world to find solutions, and discovering the truth for herself and others. She is a gifted teacher; beginning with her career as a first grade teacher, to being asked to share her amazing energy and gifts on stage. Carrie meditates for two and a half hours a day which has given her insight and the power to love, accept and forgive, and be the best version of herself. If you need or want advice or comfort, there is nobody more gifted with perspective, empathy, and solutions than her.  She is a force for all that is good in humanity.   She has a unique gift to gently bring a mirror for people to see where they are limiting their life, potential and happiness. In Carrie’s downtime you might find her listening to records, drinking lattes, out for great Mexican food, traveling the world, or on a date with her husband at a concert, comedy, or cinema.  But most likely she will be at her cabin “The Shady Place”. Connect with The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell: Website:  VacationEffect.com Show:  The Vacation Effect Podcast Book:  The Vacation Effect Book Email:  Info@VacationEffect.com Facebook: The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell LinkedIn: The Vacation Effect, Inc. and Denise Gosnell
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