37 minutes | Feb 16th 2020

010 Patti Mara: UpSolutions: The New Rules Of Business

In this Episode, Denise and Patti discuss: How the rules of business have changed. How Patti learned the importance of customer-centric behavior working at a bookstore in her early career, and how that one bookstore had incredible growth due to one specific customer-centric strategy that the employees all implemented. How to shift from transaction based outcomes to relationship based outcomes. How to turn your customers into raving fans. Key Takeaways: Look at your business as the “solution” you provide to your customers – the feeling of why they come there. Most companies are playing the wrong game of business by trying to compete on price. It’s better to shift from sales to solutions; from transactions to relationships. Instead of looking at “upselling” your customers” look for “upsolutions”.   “We have to shift our focus from sales to solutions. And we have to shift our focus from transactions to relationships. “ - Patti Mara About Patti Mara: Patti Mara has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial owned and operated businesses to reposition them for success and dramatically increase their growth, customer retention, and profit. She is the author of the new book: UpSolutions – Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Ravings Fans. Her book reveals how you can shift from transaction-based outcomes to relationship-based outcomes that allow for faster growth and profitability. Patti is the owner of Maranet Inc. and the creator of the Profit Generator Program* and the Business Breakthrough Catalyst*. She lives in Georgetown, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. Connect with Patti Mara: Web site: www.pattimara.com Free Touchpoint Scorecard tool mentioned in the interview: www.pattimara.com/vacationeffect Connect with The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell: Website:  VacationEffect.com Show:  The Vacation Effect Podcast Book:  The Vacation Effect Book Email:  Info@VacationEffect.com Facebook: The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell LinkedIn: The Vacation Effect, Inc. and Denise Gosnell  
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