38 minutes | Jan 27th 2020

008 Melinda Wittstock: Self-Promotion Hacks From A Media Master

In this episode, Denise and Melinda discuss: How Melinda's professional background prepared her for the role of online entrepreneur How her podcasting network and engagement platform will help podcasters grow and monetize their shows Some of Melinda's favorite media hacks to stand out from the crowd and effectively promote yourself When is the right time to let go of a business and the vital importance of self care Key Takeaways: Success rests on authentically presenting yourself to your audience, no matter which platform you are on Be a guest on as many podcasts as possible but make sure they are reaching your target audience Earn publicity via old "media" coverage then re-post on social media Only provide content that provides true value to your audience "We're the first and only network that will actually pay podcasters for their content." —  Melinda Wittstock Connect with Melinda Wittstock: Facebook: @melinda.wittstock Website: bit.ly/podcast-intensive Email:  melinda@wingspodcast.com Show: The Wings Podcast Instagram: @melidawittstock2020 Connect with The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell: Website: VacationEffect.com Show: The Vacation Effect Podcast Book: The Vacation Effect Book Email: Info@VacationEffect.com Facebook: The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell LinkedIn: The Vacation Effect, Inc. and Denise Gosnell  
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