12 minutes | Jan 13th 2020

007 Denise Gosnell: Freedom is a Mindset, Not a Destination

In this episode, Denise discusses: What the Freedom Mindset is. Steps you can take to claim true freedom today. The bad habit of the “someday-maybes”. Key Takeaways: Freedom is a decision, a state of mind. It is a choice you make and you plan everything else around it. Stop letting others dictate your schedule and your life. Someday is not a day of the week. Take action now that will get you closer to your goal and start bringing you joy as start of the process. "If you don't get around to doing those things that would bring you joy now, when will you ever truly get to them?" —  Denise Gosnell Connect with The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell: Website:  VacationEffect.com Show:  The Vacation Effect Podcast Book:  The Vacation Effect Book Email:  Info@VacationEffect.com  Facebook:  The Vacation Effect and Denise Gosnell LinkedIn:  The Vacation Effect, Inc. and Denise Gosnell
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