92 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

044 - Want More, Do More, Be More with Shannon O'Grady and Eli Kerr

I'm always looking to optimize my life. Whether that's through training, learning, or having conversations, I'm on a quest to live my life in alignment with my highest potential. For me, taking care of my body is a critical aspect of that mission. I want to fuel my body so that it functions at its fullest capacity. And that that's where Gnarly Nutrition comes in.

In this episode of In Strange Company, I sit down (virtually) with Shannon O'Grady and Eli Kerr of Gnarly Nutrition. While we do cover the amazing products that Gnarly has to offer (I highly recommend you check them out), this podcast is about so much more than that. It's three people talking about living life to the fullest because, as they say at Gnarly, we "want everyone to Find Their Gnarly, which is to experience the process of becoming more through a commitment to discover what you’re capable of."

I'm so excited to continue to share the amazing people, stories, and adventures that are shaping my life and I hope this podcast has a positive impact on yours. If you enjoyed this episode please rate, review, and subscribe on your favorite platform.

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