40 minutes | May 4, 2021

596: Patti Milligan on Saliva and the Immune System

Improving our body’s resilience to environmental and emotional stressors. In This Podcast: This week we delve into the world of saliva research as we speak with Patti Milligan on the importance of healthy saliva production. Patti describes how our saliva production can be impacted by the foods we eat and when we eat those certain foods that create healthy saliva, this bolsters our immune systems. Patti advises us on some tried and true ways to improve saliva production including the types of foods we should be eating and which foods to avoid.  Don’t miss an episode!visit UrbanFarm.Org/podcast Patti has been in the nutrition field for nearly 40 years. Working in clinical nutrition, integrative medicine and natural foods, Patti brings a unique blend of clinical, educational, holistic, consumer, and PR experience. Her work and passion in the field of Neuroscience of Taste has led her to the field of saliva research and exploring the ‘why’ behind the foods we like.  Visit www.UrbanFarm.org/saliva for the show notes on this episode, and access to our full podcast library! Patti Milligan on Saliva and the Immune System.
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