33 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

578: Zack Greene on Running a Quail Farm

Raising Coturnix Quail and distributing their eggs.

In This Podcast:

Self-sufficiency is steadily trending to be the new lifestyle where people are reverting back to homesteading practices of the past. However, Zack Greene followed a slightly different path of self-sufficiency that turned out to be the best decision of his life. Listen in to learn about the benefits of quail farming, how quail production results in quality and quantity, as well as why raising quail is perfect for self-sufficiency.

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Zack is a former multistore restaurant manager for a turned homesteader that specializes in coturnix quail. His family has been switching to self-sufficiency over the past 10 years through gardening, canning, raising animals and more. His quail journey has led him to 5,000 birds and a self-started company that now ships 500,000 hatching eggs a year.

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Zack Greene on Running a Quail Farm.

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