36 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

22: A Behind The Scenes Look At a Consulting Business with Chiquita Jones

Do you feel aligned with where your business is at right now, or do things need to change to get it where you want it?   Today we are lucky enough to be joined by my dear friend, Chiquita Jones. She is going to walk us through her journey and how she has landed in a place where she feels really aligned with how she works with her clients.   She's always striving to do more in her business and is not someone who is going to settle. I love that about her, and I know you will too!   We’re going to talk about pivoting in your business, what consulting is like, and why you’re more of an expert than you realize.   Tune in to hear how adding consulting allowed Chiquita to create the business of her dreams.    If you’re interested in learning more about the Consulting Framework Accelerator, it’s a program that I designed to teach you how to create a consulting framework in your business. It will kick off with a two-day deep dive session and then there will be six weeks of support in a private Facebook community. Send me an email or DM on Instagram, so we can start chatting to see if consulting is a good fit for you.     The doors are NOW OPEN for my Consulting Framework Accelerator. If you want to find out more and are ready to go from doing the day-to-day work for your dream clients to designing strategy alongside them, then CLICK HERE to sign up!   Full show notes available at www.melissafroehlich.com/22
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