21 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

20: The Power of Pivoting to Create a Business You Love

Do you feel like you can’t change your business because you’ve already invested so much into it? Do you worry that you might let clients down or that people will judge you?   I’m here to give you permission to make any changes you need to create a business you love.    Today we’re going to embark on a little series on the podcast about pivoting and building a business that truly brings you joy.   This means changing your mind. It means doing things differently than you originally thought you were going to do them.    If you need to know that you have permission to pivot, tune in to this episode.    I want you to promise me that you will allow yourself to pivot if that’s what you want to do.    If this is speaking to you, I am creating an accelerator program to teach you how to create a consulting framework in your business. The Consulting Framework Accelerator will kick off with a two-day deep dive session and then there will be six weeks of support in a private Facebook community. Send me an email or DM on Instagram, so we can start chatting to see if consulting is a good fit for you.  If you want to find out more and are ready to jump on the waitlist now CLICK HERE!    Full show notes available at www.melissafroehlich.com/20   Where We Can Connect:  www.melissafroehlich.com Join The UpLevel Lounge Facebook Group  Subscribe to the Podcast Connect with Melissa on Instagram Follow Melissa on Facebook
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