18 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

17: Answers to Common Questions That Come Up in Coaching

Do you shy away from opportunities because you doubt your expertise?    Today I am reflecting on some of the questions that came up in coaching this week. So many of us are experiencing the same roadblocks, so I think it will be really helpful to talk through these questions.   My hope is that this episode shows you that you're not alone. I also hope that it helps you move through some mindset blocks that you are experiencing. Knowing others face similar challenges can be helpful in getting through our own.   Join me in this episode to push through your imposter syndrome and start showing up with confidence.    To find out more about my 1:1 and group coaching services head to www.melissafroehlich.com/business-coaching.   Don’t forget to join me in my free Facebook group, The UpLevel Lounge.  This group is full of amazing women who are focused on collaboration over competition and are ready to take their businesses to the next level.  I would love to see you in there!    Full show notes available at www.melissafroehlich.com/17
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