22 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

12: How to Stop Trading Time for Money

Are you ready to stop trading your time for money?    If you've been in the online space for a while, especially in the service industry, you've probably heard the term “trading time for money” more than once. And you likely have either learned how to stop trading time for money, or you want to.    This comes up a lot in my conversations, so I thought I’d make a whole episode about it. And now feels like the perfect time as we’re approaching the end of the year and looking forward in our businesses.    Here's the hard truth: there is no quick fix for this. So let’s unpack it together.    Tune in to find out how to stop trading time for money.    Don’t forget to join me in my free Facebook group, The UpLevel Lounge.  This group is full of amazing women who are focused on collaboration over competition and are ready to take their businesses to the next level.  I would love to see you in there!    If you are ready to learn how to create a strategy planning session offer that your dream clients will rave about, I encourage you to check out my Strategy Session Masterclass.  This will teach you exactly how to structure, create, and deliver an exceptional strategy session offer that will help you scale your business.     Full show notes available at www.melissafroehlich.com/12
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