71 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Episode 67: Once in a Lifetime Chukar Dog

Episode 67: Kim Sampson; Owner/Operator of West Mountain Kennels, Utah Most of us remember our first dog, but its that once-in-a-lifetime dog that morphs Chukar hunts from an "outing" to an "experience. If you are lucky to have had that kind of dog already, then Kim's story of her dog Daisy, will seem very close to home. Deeply ingrained into the Horseback Field Trial circuit, Kim focuses her energy and passion into creating real "wild bird" dogs. In this episode she explains her passion for developing these athletes to both perform in competition and excel in the hunt. Follow along as we discuss her beginnings, which highlight both the struggles and success that are all too relatable. To where she now: highly regarded among her peers both as a trainer and as a mentor. Kim also takes the time to answer some listener questions which range from retrieving tips to off season conditioning. If you are curious about training opportunities for you dog: contact Kim through her website Westmountainkennels.com To learn more about American Field Trial Clubs in your area visit: aftca.org Finally, to read an excellent chukar story by Kim visit: https://strideaway.com/dancing-with-the-devil/ The Upchukar Podcast proudly partners with: Chukar Chasers, Lathrop & Sons boots, Mtn Ops and First Lite
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