55 minutes | Aug 30th 2020

Ep #8: Oil Fields to Living Off Passive Real Estate Income with Travis Watts

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Interested in investing in multifamily, single-family, or vacation rentals, but not sure where and how to get started? Consult with someone who has behind-the-scenes experience in the asset class of your choice. 

In this episode, Wayne talks to Travis Watts, a full-time passive investor and director of investor relations with Ashcroft Capital. Travis educates others by sharing passive investment strategies to achieve and maintain wealth in real estate.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Real Estate Investing Background: Dumb luck, prep, and guidance at garage sales
  • Great Recession and Career Focused: Real estate on sale, so find off-market deals
  • Gaining Momentum: Get a roommate and check to pay mortgage
  • Active vs. Passive: Hands-on or hands-off real estate investing
  • Lessons Learned: No spare time to read 52 books a year and find sponsors/operators
  • Analysis Paralysis: Too much focus on ROI rather than value-add experience
  • Target Markets and Trends: Right deal, right market, and right sponsor to lower risks
  • Risk Tolerance: Opportunistic, core, and value-add asset classes
  • Mistakes Made: Diversify portfolio by experimenting, doing what you know/understand
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver: Invest in or take discounts by banking on cash flow 
  • Publicly Traded vs. Private Placement: Always have paperwork reviewed by attorney
  • Education and Network: Align interests and philosophies with like-minded people
  • Four Steps to Financial Freedom by Being Frugal: 
    • Make as much money as possible by doing your best
    • Live on as little of that income as possible for a period of time
    • Take margin from earnings and invest it all
    • Avoid bad debt or pay off loans sooner than later

 Links and Resources:

Consultation with Travis: https://calendly.com/traviswatts/consultation?month=2020-08
Connect with Travis: Understanding Real Estate Private Placements
Ashcroft Capital
Travis Watts on LinkedIn
Rich Dad’s Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki
Ponzi Schemes
Rule 506 of Regulation D
Wayne Courreges
Free Passive Investor eBook by Wayne Courreges
The Untold Stories of Real Estate Investing Podcast

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